The Air Jordan 11 “72-10” will be this Holidays release as a nod to the 96 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10.

December is the ultimate month for anything Air Jordan and that’s because ever since 2009, Jordan Brand has rolled out every iconic Air Jordan 11 colorway, including a few new renditions. This year, Jordan Brand plans to roll out another Air Jordan 11 Retro, paying homage to the Chicago Bulls and their 1996 record of 72-10.

For this brand new version of the Air Jordan 11, a thick premium leather replaces the mesh seen on previous releases. Nubuck eyelets hold the laces down, while an iridescent patent surrounds the entire shoe from front to back. Lastly, an embossed Jumpman replaces the stitched version, as well as a different tag that reads “Inspired by the greatest season ever played” behind the tongue.

The Air Jordan 11 “72-10” release date is set for December 12th, 2015 and will have a retail price of $220. You can also expect to see these in kids size as well.

Air Jordan 11 Retro “72-10″
Black/Gym Red-White-Anthracite
December 12, 2015

Nike has now stated that the Air Jordan 11 “72 10” will release on December 12th, 2015. Drawing for the Air Jordan 11 will launch at 8 AM EST on the 12th. For those wanting to get a pair, CLICK HERE.





    Those two sneakers have absolutely nothing to do with the “72-10″s history wise…

    • lloydbanksisno1

      Michael wore the 11s first half of the season. 12s would have been more appropriate imho.

  • wat

    So happy these are coming out. They look like a space Jam x Bred fusion!

    • Chris

      Will these be available online or just in stores??

  • sam


  • Tom

    SO GLAD!

  • dave

    Resellers are going to be going for the jugular for this

  • mike


  • sneakerbots

    hopefully, they’ll be remastered

  • Mr.Amazing

    Extremely underwhelming. Another year of not copping holiday 11s for me.

    • Chris L

      “Extremely underwhelming?” What were u expecting, an 11 with flames on the side? These are easily one of the cleanest 11s ever imo, and I’m usually a “purist” kinda guy (probably cuz I grew up watching MJ play and idolized the guy, like all other 80s babies). I like these more than the Bred 11s (the red sole always turned me off). I’d put these behind the Concords and Space Jams. That’s just me though.

      • Mr.Amazing

        Now i am expecting a decent shoe. This is not creative and has no effort put in. They merely took the Space Jams and put Red instead of blue. So I restate extremely underwhelming.

      • Rainier J Jeffrey

        hypebeast! these shits are basic

        • cmack510

          they not even basic they wack…only teens would think these are dope

      • edogg


      • Jae Calderon

        That IS just you chump don’t mix up or hate on a nigahs opinion cuz your is diff old head … Shits r basic asf … It don’t show in the pics but they got that rainbow iridescent patent leather joints… Probably got them goofy iri 13s tryin 2looking cute … U soft

    • Jae Calderon

      Feel you kid

  • Jay Brodes

    rather have space jamz with blue bottoms but these will do!!!

  • Keith Breezy

    Can’t wait will be getting these I need them.

  • Jay Brodes

    not feeling the 220 but i will cop..period!

    • Chris


  • Jayme C

    No mention of the leather upper. Im stoked. I think these will have some dope subtle touches that really pop. if the leather upper is soft and supple and from high quality material, that will look great. and I can’t wait to see what they do with the sole hopefully its tinted, and I think a slight iridescent touch (As rumored) could be done in minimal fashion. Keep it simple & classic.

  • cmack510

    if it was the space jams id get em because im loving the blue on the bottom but they look hurt with red and 220?…sike!!

  • Willie Saunders

    Honestly they’re basic but cop these and then make a nice customize to them. If you want customs done and live in NYC look for Jordan CustomSparx on Facebook.

  • Jay Brodes

    i am all in!

  • Lonzo

    These are whack I don’t see how this contributes to the 72-10 season they had they could have at least put the record ON the shoe, smh just disappointing. It’s just a basic Bulls color way they should just call them “Bulls Away” or something

  • Guest

    I think they should release snakeskin 11 high top.

  • casjwell

    The bottom of the barrel has been shot lol

  • Jay Brodes

    not feeling the changes. space jams with icey blue will be fine!

  • Jay Brodes

    1st none cop of an xi since cool greys. give me the space jams n i am coolio

  • Kidcloudkicker 919

    I wanna see how they are gonna change the material and give it a “new” look this yr.

  • Fernie Mendoza

    How about the all red 11’s, the Melo joints

  • Jay Brodes

    this is an easy pass for me. if jb drops the melo pe red or space jam i am all in. money saved. kob n kyrie xmas 4 me!

  • Jay Brodes

    i love the xi but i am not feeling this shoe. sorry. want the melo pe thou

  • William Devonshire

    How the fuq is “embossed” better than a stitched. .. they went hard on the top half mind the ” EMBOSSED BS!” BUT WHY A WHITE BOTTOM TRIM..?!?!? STILL DOPE.. BUT CUDA BEEN BETTER. LMFAO…EMBOSSED . smh.. they always gotta cheap out on somthn.. give me the name of the final design approval, I kno they really dgaf cuz the dumb consumers gonna cop regardless. . What a shame the game had turned into!

  • Lloyd Dizon

    MJ never rock this during his tenure with the bulls so autopass. #RealTALK

  • Chris Manske

    These are some childish lookin shoes. Straight for lil kids man. But, ill be seein grown ass men wearin these glittery girly shoes.

  • Illatit

    These are dope af, jb deff paid attention to detail with these makin these a primo must cop, first u got the tumbled leather instead of the usual mesh which looks clean/classy af and is just a better material period, then with the midsole they used a more dense thicker material then previous releases with the super icey sole that just pops with such a deep clean vibrance to it, deff more icey then previouse models. on to that super clean patent leather that for some reason ppl like to dogg on but thats untill u see them in the sun an see how clean they look ppl over exagerate the look as if its fuckin rainbows when that clouldnt b further from the truth its got a texture to it and looks more primo then that solid plastic looking stuff and contrast beautifully against the tumbled leather, then finaly the added metalic jump man for a bolder look. All in all these are an instant classic imo u got the most rarely droped retro the jordan 11 and then upgraded it with premium materials and ur left with the dopest drop of the year , truly a premium shoe an must have for real collectors!